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Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween to all my friends and colleagues!

This short clip is a by-product of a project I was working on during the last weeks.
It is a nice fit for a small halloween themed animation. » more

VW Electrified

» more

Autumn Tree Animation

A short autumn themed animation. Done with Cinema 4D, After Effects and Photoshop. » more

Audi Museum Mobile

“Mobility of change – is a time-stream, arising from images, from streams of consciousness and is an echo of the historical voices. It bridges the dialog with the past to the future. How does time move? How do we move time? What moves us and the time? Time is generated from the memories, coming from the vault of stunning moments, leaves open space for a new perception in the future.” » more

Collapsing Sphere – After Effects Exercises

I prepared this After Effects project for the students in my animation class at Ulm University of Applied Sciences. Trapcode Particular and Null Objects/Parenting are used to animate a collapsing sphere.

Feel free to download the After Effects project file: (11.5 MB). » more

Paula und die wilden Tiere

“Paula und die wilden Tiere” is an animal tv show made for children. The show opener was designed and directed by
Sermin Kaynak. My part was on set supervision and some after effects work. » more

Football Colors – Club Atlético Boca Juniors

This is the first part of a series of animations I made at Boolab for a pilot of a documentary tv series. » more

Fistful of Silence

Exploring the tension between Surface and Volume. » more

Computer Arts – Top 50 Animation Skills

Computer Arts - Top 50 Animation Skills

I was asked by computer arts magazine to contribute some After Effects tips for a feature about animation and motion graphics skills. Here are my contributions:

A handy feature when adjusting or animating layer properties in the After Effects timeline is the Edit Value menu, which can be accessed by Ctrl/right-clicking on the value of a property. the useful thing about this menu is that you can adjust the position and size of an element using a percentage relative to the composition. » more

After Effects Exercises

Starting in 2011 I teach animation at Ulm University of Applied Sciences. This is an edit of some of the Adobe After Effects exercises I prepared for the students in my animation class. » more