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Computer Arts – Top 50 Animation Skills

Computer Arts - Top 50 Animation Skills

I was asked by computer arts magazine to contribute some After Effects Pro tips for a feature about animation and motion graphics skills. Here are my contributions:

A handy feature when adjusting or animating layer properties in the After Effects timeline is the Edit Value menu, which can be accessed by Ctrl/right-clicking on the value of a property. the useful thing about this menu is that you can adjust the position and size of an element using a percentage relative to the composition. » more

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Get-Sh*t-Done Palette

Get-Sh*t-Done Palette

The “Get-Sh*t-Done” Palette is a script I made for Adobe After Effects. You can get it at

"This is awesome Markus. I blasted this out on Twitter when you first posted it on Mograph and I've been using it since then." Harry Frank (
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