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Raumwelten 2017

Raumwelten 2017 - Ludwigsburg

I had a great time at Raumwelten 2017 in Ludwigsburg. My brain is still trying to process all the inspiring input from two days of talks and workshops. Especially the panels on new approaches to the office work place and the design qualities derived from principles of organisation were really interesting. Thanks to everyone involved in the conference.

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Motion Festival Cyprus 2017

motion festival cyprus 2017

I will be at the International Motion Festival in Cyprus talking about: Abstraction in Motion Design.

“Abstraction as a method and as a conceptual approach is widly used in art and design.
While abstraction in art is extensively discussed, design theory seems to focus more on
composition, color theory and other aspects of craftsmanship.
In my talk I want to discuss the qualities of abstraction in contemporary motion design.”

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OFFF Barcelona 2013

OFFF 2013 Barcelona

Even though I don't believe much in the "talk" I have to admit that I had the pleasure to see some interesting presentations. But by far the best thing about the offf was that it gave me a welcome excuse to get away from work, go to Barcelona and meet my friends there. Many thanks for this amazing week with you guys!

A few pictures from my trip can bee seen at my flickr:

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