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Time Is Now

It has been ages since I stopped wearing a wristwatch. Since then the necessity to wear one has almost vanished
with the era of the mobile phones.

What I like about wristwatches today is not so much their ability to measure and display time but their function as
a reminder that time is a precious resource. » more

CCTV News – News Opener and Redesign

This news opener was produced for CCTV News International. It is based on the core values of CCTV News: internationality, balance and multi-perspective. The philosophy is represented by the “CCTV Sphere”, a stylized globe with 2 shapes in permanent and balanced motion. With red and gold color as reference to China. The “CCTV Sphere” is the key visual throughout the various elements. » more

CCTV News – Idents

CCTV News - Ident Balance - Markus Feder - Styleframe_01

CCTV News - Ident Balance - Markus Feder - Styleframe_02

Ident – Balance

Water is the perfect interpretation of balance and harmony. No matter how strong the impact is, water will always balance itself. Water combines contradictions such as: Gravity and lightness. Motion and standstill. The moment and the timelessness. » more

CCTV News – Global Business

CCTV News - Global Business - Markus Feder - Styleframe_01

CCTV News - Global Business - Markus Feder - Styleframe_02

CCTV News - Global Business - Markus Feder - Styleframe_03

Global Business is a worldwide daily business news program of CCTV News, focusing on Asian business stories with global significance. The Format is “a must-see for any investor looking for opportunities in the region”. » more

Porsche Museum

A Porsche Cayenne and a Porsche Panamera (both SE Hybrid models) are exploring various
beautifully abstracted environments. » more

Infographic Elements

Infographic Elements - Preview

For one of my recent projects I created a series of infographic elements in Cinema 4D. Feel free to download the Cinema 4D project file: (0.9 MB). » more

Character with Mask

» more

Autumn Tree Animation

A short autumn themed animation. Done with Cinema 4D, After Effects and Photoshop. » more

Audi Museum Mobile

“Mobility of change – is a time-stream, arising from images, from streams of consciousness and is an echo of the historical voices. It bridges the dialog with the past to the future. How does time move? How do we move time? What moves us and the time? Time is generated from the memories, coming from the vault of stunning moments, leaves open space for a new perception in the future.” » more

Fistful of Silence

Exploring the tension between Surface and Volume. » more