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CCTV News – News Opener and Redesign

This news opener was produced for CCTV News International. It is based on the core values of CCTV News: internationality, balance and multi-perspective. The philosophy is represented by the “CCTV Sphere”, a stylized globe with 2 shapes in permanent and balanced motion. With red and gold color as reference to China. The “CCTV Sphere” is the key visual throughout the various elements. » more

CCTV News – Idents

CCTV News - Ident Balance - Markus Feder - Styleframe_01

CCTV News - Ident Balance - Markus Feder - Styleframe_02

Ident – Balance

Water is the perfect interpretation of balance and harmony. No matter how strong the impact is, water will always balance itself. Water combines contradictions such as: Gravity and lightness. Motion and standstill. The moment and the timelessness. » more

CCTV News – Global Business

CCTV News - Global Business - Markus Feder - Styleframe_01

CCTV News - Global Business - Markus Feder - Styleframe_02

CCTV News - Global Business - Markus Feder - Styleframe_03

Global Business is a worldwide daily business news program of CCTV News, focusing on Asian business stories with global significance. The Format is “a must-see for any investor looking for opportunities in the region”. » more

Porsche Museum

A Porsche Cayenne and a Porsche Panamera (both SE Hybrid models) are exploring various
beautifully abstracted environments. » more

Character with Mask

» more

Autumn Tree Animation

A short autumn themed animation. Done with Cinema 4D, After Effects and Photoshop. » more

Loewe IFA 2011 Styleframes

These styleframes originate from my work at gate.11 for Loewe’s exhibition stand at IFA 2011 in Berlin. » more