Summer 2013

Perfect Accident Door

Just finished an epic broadcasting project with an awesome team at perfect accident in munich. More about the project will follow on my website when it finally got released. The project started back in April and took until now to finish. So after five months of hard work I will take some time off and come back to work in a couple of weeks.

UPDATE: Finally the project got released! Here is what I was working on: CCTV News International News Opener and Redesign, Idents and Global Business Opener

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OFFF Barcelona 2013

OFFF 2013 Barcelona

Even though I don't believe much in the "talk" I have to admit that I had the pleasure to see some interesting presentations. But by far the best thing about the offf was that it gave me a welcome excuse to get away from work, go to Barcelona and meet my friends there. Many thanks for this amazing week with you guys!

A few pictures from my trip can bee seen at my flickr:

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Back in Germany

Back in Germany

After three unbelievable great months in South America I am back in Munich, Germany.

The highlights of my trip include working at punga in Buenos Aires, trekking in the mountains of Patagonia and relaxing at the beach in Uruguay. Check my flickr to see what I am talking about:

A big hug to everyone who made this trip such a blast!

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Computer Arts – Top 50 Animation Skills

Computer Arts - Top 50 Animation Skills

I was asked by computer arts magazine to contribute some After Effects Pro tips for a feature about animation and motion graphics skills. Here are my contributions:

A handy feature when adjusting or animating layer properties in the After Effects timeline is the Edit Value menu, which can be accessed by Ctrl/right-clicking on the value of a property. the useful thing about this menu is that you can adjust the position and size of an element using a percentage relative to the composition. » more

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Get-Sh*t-Done Palette

Get-Sh*t-Done Palette

The “Get-Sh*t-Done” Palette is a script I made for Adobe After Effects. You can get it at

"This is awesome Markus. I blasted this out on Twitter when you first posted it on Mograph and I've been using it since then." Harry Frank (
» more

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