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CCTV News – News Opener and Redesign

This news opener was produced for CCTV News International. It is based on the core values of CCTV News: internationality, balance and multi-perspective. The philosophy is represented by the "CCTV Sphere", a stylized globe with 2 shapes in permanent and balanced motion. With red and gold color as reference to China. The "CCTV Sphere" is the key visual throughout the various elements. 

The opener is part of an extensive redesign package which includes news graphics, idents and several format packages. The 5 channels of CCTV News International just moved into their new iconic headquarter in Beijing. Along with the move, CCTV News wanted to position itself as a global news provider targeting to the developing countries and an audience interested in China all over the planet.

I was commissoned by perfect accident and joined a great team they had put together for this project. My work started with contributing to the initial concept, creating the key visual and developing an animation concept. Later I worked on the styleframes and on the production of the opener.

Credits Opener:
Client: CCTV News International
Agency: Flint Skallen
Producer CCTV: Qi Ma
Production: Perfect Accident

Creative Director: Martin Kett
Design & Animation: Markus Feder, Sermin Kaynak
Nuke Artist & Colour Correction: Sylvia Roessler, Manuel Voss
Music & Sonic Branding: Stephen Arnold Music

Concept Study Video:

I made this short video to visualize the ideas behind the shapes of the key visual for the client and to demonstrate the fundamentals of the animation concept.

Music: Jeff Mills “Gamma Player” from album “The Other Day”