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Open Ateliers 2022

Super+ Ateliers offers studio space for artists in temporary vacant buildings in munich. At the Open Ateliers events artists open their doors twice a year to the public and anyone interested in art. For the spring 22 edition super+ asked me to create a series of animations to help promoting the event on social media.

The results of this exploration into noise and displacement made we very happy and gave me a chance to dive deep into some of my favourite approaches of abstract animation.


R&D, 3D Animation, Rendering, Compositing

Tools: Maxon Cinema 4D & Redshift, Adobe After Effects

Selected Stills


Animating the 30+ names was no option so I started to think about treating the poster as a whole. Leaning into my passion for patterns, noise and displacement I quickly devloped  a series of interesting displacement effects in Cinema 4D.

The final challenge was how to animate the growth of the displacement.  It turned out that  every type of displacement needs its own aproach to animation. For one it would work to simply move the field of infliuence or animate the black  and white values of the noise itself for another a sophisticated infectio spread was needed.


The client was happy with the results of my exploration and decided to use my artwork for the printed version of the poster as well. High resolution rendering for print comes with its own set of challenges, but holding a real, printed poster in hand in the end is quiet rewarding.


For the event itself I prepared a small workshop: visitors could take pictures and put their faces on a pre-rigged character that was also equipped with a selection of funny motioncapture tracks to choose from.

  • Open Ateliers - Workshop Still 01
  • Open Ateliers - Workshop Still 06
  • Open Ateliers - Workshop Still 04
  • Open Ateliers - Workshop Still 05
  • Open Ateliers - Workshop Still 02
  • Open Ateliers - Workshop Still 03

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Client: Super+ Ateliers

Poster: Alexander Deubl

Original Poster Artwork: Luna Scotch

Design & Animation: Markus Feder