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Undisclosed Project – Environment Design

Undisclosed Project - Environment Tunnel Still03Undisclosed Project - Environment Tunnel Still03
Undisclosed Project - Environment Cave Still10Undisclosed Project - Environment Cave Still10

Kropac Media commissioned me to create a couple of abstract environments to be used in a product presentation film for an undisclosed car manufacturer. I had the great pleasure to work with a inspiring team of freelancers and in-house staff. My job was to create interesting environments that would complement the car and provide a good background to showcase its features. After the environments were finished I also helped in producing the final film.

Tools: Cinema 4D, Octane, After Effects


Client: Undisclosed
Production: Kropac Media
Producer: Maximilian Rang

Art Direction: Markus Feder

Process Images:

Undisclosed Project - WIP Still03Undisclosed Project - WIP Still03