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J&B Quality

A visual connection between the origin, history and contribution in the evolution of J&B and the way that the brands quality is perceived by the consumer. The unconventional history of the brand was executed as a visual extravaganza that combines different types of media, illustration, painting, photos, footage, engraving, maps, paper cut outs, and many more visual resources, animated in all sorts of ways. Directed and produced by No-Domain. 

Client: J&B

Agency: KesselsKramer
Creative Direction: Joaquín Urbina
Art Direction: No-Domain

Designers: Joaquín Urbina, Nelson Martinez (no-domain)
Featuring Design: Ivan Larraguibel, Nano and Ana Gale
Animation: Salva Borrego, Dominique Aizpurua, Markus Feder and Fabricio Lima
Presenter Character Animation: Alejandro Kobiakov

Sound Design: Wyzton Borrero (no-domain)

Production: Lorena Medina (no-domain)
Historical Documentation: Enrique Giner de los Rios
Wardrobe and Choreography for last shot: Jessika Lobato.

· LAUS Awards Trophy 2008
· Art Director's of Europe Nominee 2008